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BRAMCO Partner firms know that being an effective insurance producer or financial advisor in today’s dynamic financial environment requires constant education and training. In order to deliver the highest level of consumer value, producers’ skills and knowledge must always be current. BRAMCO works continuously by collaborating with select Carrier and Vendor partners to provide producers with value-added resources, cutting-edge tools and high quality training. From policy review to detailed product analysis, to explanation of complex tax law changes and estate planning concepts, to technological questions regarding the use of mobile apps and electronic delivery of insurance policies – BRAMCO Partner firms are where the nation’s most active and sophisticated insurance producers come to grow their business.

BRAMCO’s Learning Center features exclusive educational items focused on helping insurance producers build knowledge, grow sales and strengthen their position with consumers. Some examples:

  • Marketplace Exchange – a leading resource for the latest in carrier messaging and sales ideas
  • BRAMCO’s industry leading Market Intelligence publications
  • ALIRT Research data detailing the financial trends and condition of life insurance carriers
  • AALU WRMarketplace & WRNewswire Publications
  • Insware Design Group’s Annuity Income Rider Choice Pro
  • BRAMCO’s Long Term Care (LTC) Cost and Benefit Analyzer

BRAMCO Partners also afford active producers access to these resources and more. Contact a BRAMCO Partner firm today!

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